What Goes Into a Website

It’s amazing what goes into a website.  Not only are you trying capture the elements of your brand, but you are working to create a valuable site for your customers.  At Lightning Local we know what goes into a website and we can build one for you that ranks on page one of Google and other search engines.  Read more about how we do it.

The Magic of Creating a Top-Notch Website

what goes into a websiteEstablishing a top-notch online presence is extremely important in this day of the internet and technology. 

A business can’t thrive by simply staying updated on all of the social media platforms. It takes a strong brand presence to stay top-of-mind with your clients.  And, the best way to ensure this is to create and maintain a fine website. 

If you want to make a rock-solid website, it can help you considerably to first make sure that you grasp all of the components that go into one.

The article will discuss the main components required to build a website that is optimized for search engines. These include having clear and concise copy, making sure it’s easy on visitors with frequent updates, using SEO keywords throughout all pages of your site so users can find what they’re looking for by typing relevant keywords into Google searches–and more!


What Goes Into a Website

Visual Design

Looks matter in the website realm. That’s why you should go above and beyond to create a website that’s neat, contemporary and devoid of clutter. 

It’s crucial to make a site that’s a piece of cake for first-time visitors to get around. Make sure that it’s cohesive with your brand identity as well. If you’re at the helm of a luxury brand, then you have to make sure that your website design fits that vibe to a tee.


Content that’s 100 percent relevant to your target audience members is another vital element of any website. You should make sure that visiting your site is well worth your audience members’ time. 

Make sure that you anticipate all of their questions and answer them transparently. Illustrate things with high-quality images that can drive points home, too. 

If you want everything to come together nicely, then you should introduce your social media accounts. Be sure that the people who go to your site can easily find links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.

Technical Matters

Technical matters count, too. It’s critical to have dependable hosting. 

Make a point to search for a web host that’s dependable and secure. Find one that can provide you with a lot of bandwidth as well. Few things matter more than a fast website that loads without issue. Sluggish websites often drive visitors away immediately.

Zero in on SEO (search engine optimization).  SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which means in layman’s terms making sure your site ranks highly among search engine rankings.

It’s imperative to make sure that people can easily find your site via widely known search engines such as Google and Bing. The more often people can easily find it on Google or Bing the better off you will be!

Think in detail about strong keyword selection, too. Keyword selection should be carefully considered because these factors play an important role for how fast a person finds out about what they’re looking for online.


If you want your site to be a hit, you have to be able to measure its success accurately and on a routine basis. Put a lot of time into web analytics and seeing how your site is doing. 

Analytics can help you confidently figure out which actions are working and should stay. They at the same time can help you figure out ineffective strategies that you should cut out immediately. 

Put time into Google search analytics and Google Search Console as well. The console can help you optimize site content effectively. It can help you discover the specific questions that drive customers to your website in the first place.

Why Choose Lightning Local as Your Trusted Website Source?

When you are wondering what goes into a website to make it dynamic and customer friendly, then call LIghtning Local. 

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