The History Of Digital Marketing

The history of digital marketing is a reflection of the evolution from traditional marketing to an advanced technological approach, 

The progression from offline campaigns to online campaigns is what sets digital marketing apart from others and makes it stand out as a preferred method of carrying out business-related tasks.

What is Digital Marketing?

the history of digital marketingDigital marketing is the process of using the internet, mobile phones, apps and other technologies to reach consumers.

Digital marketing started with the dawn of the internet.  Savvy marketers learned early on that digital marketing makes it easy to reach a target audience with ads for products and services designed to help them save time or make money.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at how digital marketing has evolved over time and the different types of digital marketing and how it has shaped business today. 


The History of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing started when the first online communities were created in the mid 1990s. In the early 2000s, internet marketing began to evolve from a mostly static form of marketing communication to an interactive one in which marketers could directly engage with consumers. 

In the B2C sector, this often meant marketers would communicate with consumers who participated in digital communities on websites and social media platforms such as AOL and Yahoo.

By 2009, there was growing tension between search engine users and non-users over whether search engines should filter results according to their relevance or ranking on page or by using pay per click advertising. 

In the 1990s, the phrase “Digital Marketing” was first coined, along with the launch of server/client technology and the increasing popularity of personal computers. CRM apps quickly became a prominent element in marketing technology with the advent of the new server/client architecture.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are many types of digital marketing available to help you achieve your business goals. 

Because it can be hard to decide which type of marketing is the best for your particular needs, we created this guide to answer some common questions regarding different types of digital marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. 

As more people use search engines to look for businesses like yours, it’s more important than ever that you invest in SEO to help ensure your site ranks high when customers are looking for solutions like the ones you offer. 

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Marketing on Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a valuable tool, and by using it correctly, you can connect with your audience using free and widely available tools. 

Social media marketing is a strategic approach to marketing online. It can be used in conjunction with other forms of digital and traditional marketing campaigns, and is the single most effective platform for reaching consumers and potential customers.

Marketing with Content

Marketing with content uses the same tactics as SEO and social media marketing, but focuses on creating valuable content that will attract an audience and drive traffic to a website. 

Content marketing includes blogging, podcasting, video production, and more. 

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is the process of utilizing paid advertisements on your website or across the internet to drive traffic and leads. 

PPC provides an effective way of marketing your business. The most efficient thing to remember with this method is that you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

Marketing by Email

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to benefit from email marketing, but you should have a basic understanding of what it is and how it can help your business. 

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with customers again and again, instead of just once when they buy from you, which makes email an essential part of any successful business marketing strategy.

Marketing Through Affiliates

With affiliate marketing, you can earn commissions just by recommending products to your audience. As long as you have an audience, you can build an affiliate marketing business on top of it.

What Benefits Can I Achieve Through Digital Marketing?

You can track your marketing campaign’s results by analyzing impressions, clicks, likes, comments, shares, and conversions when you use digital marketing. 

Performance indicators like these give you key information, helping you to make informed business decisions. Digital marketing allows you to adapt your campaign as you go, unlike the previous days of marketing, when you could not modify a billboard or leaflet once it was published. 

What the Future Holds for Digital Marketing (and Takeaways)

We can predict what the future of digital marketing will look like based on present trends. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be more common in application. It is already being used in several applications, including content generation, product recommendations, and e-commerce transactions. 

The use of chatbots will rise significantly for customer engagement and their integration with tools like Facebook messenger bots with language processing capabilities will further expanding their use.

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As you can see, digital marketing has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Marketing can be very overwhelming, but with the right guidance it is simple. 

Today, it’s nearly impossible to run a business without using some form of digital marketing. With the right knowledge and tools, you can use this powerful tool to drive qualified leads to your website and increase sales month after month.