Should I Outsource Search Engine Optimization

Every business owner has at one time or another wondered ‘should I outsource Search Engine Optimization?’  Search Engine Optimization is complex, difficult to master and ever changing. It takes a well rounded knowledge of SEO to stay on top, but when done right it can be very lucrative for website owners.

Search Engine Optimization

should i outsource search engine optimziation

No business today is complete unless it has a digital presence. And successful entrepreneurs don’t just have a website, they turn it into one of their most potent marketing weapons to maximize their market penetration. One thing all good websites aim for is Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)

What Is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of customer traffic to one’s website with the aid of organic search engine results. There are three types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO: This refers to making any and all content on the website search engine friendly. On-page SEO involves strategies such as identifying the key search words and using said keywords as often as possible in the website content which includes blogs, web copy, and product copy.
  • Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO strategies are actions taken away from the website to help it become more search engine friendly. The most popular Off-page SEO strategy is the use of backlinks (making your website link available on other relevant business websites) to help improve customer traffic to the website. Other popular strategies employed are guest blogging and social media marketing.
  • Technical SEO: This type of SEO covers everything that ensures that the website is easy to navigate and is free of technical issues, which helps it improve its organic rankings with search engines. Technical SEO focuses on practices such as making the website mobile and tablet friendly, speeding up the website by minimizing image file sizes and compressing web pages, and the like.

Done right, SEO can help a business capture a greater share of its target market’s interest.  This increases its likelihood of enhanced sales volume and developing a stronger brand awareness and loyalty among its consumers. 

For all these reasons and more, it is of the essence that a business get its SEO right and keep up with its changing trends and requirements.

SEO: In-House Or Outsource

Once you have understood the importance of SEO to your improved corporate performance, the question comes down to how to get it done for your website. You can choose to do it in-house or you can outsource it. 

Let’s take a look at what each option has to offer:


In-house SEO means you will be hiring employees (part time or full time) to develop and implement an SEO strategy for your business. 

This will mean a bigger load on company resources. You will be spending a lot of money employing professionals for the job and a lot of management time will go into the recruiting and management of the required team. 

However, an in-house team works more closely with the business and you have greater control over how they go about doing their job.


Should you choose to outsource the job, it will mean hiring an external SEO specialist to develop and implement an SEO strategy for your company. 

While hiring outsiders for the job means reduced control over the strategy development and implementation, outsourcing still has several key benefits to offer that make it an attractive option:

  • Saves Time and Money: With an external agency doing the job, you don’t have to spend money hiring employees for the job. Additionally, considerable time of the management resources will also be saved. Both, the time and money, can be better utilized elsewhere for improved business performance.
  • The Experts Will Do The Job: An external agency specializes exclusively in the art of SEO, which means they are on top of all the latest trends, best practices, and newest ideas in the SEO industry.This means they have the best chance of delivering the most effective SEO strategy for you. What’s more, SEO is an ongoing process and an external agency will ensure it proactively modifies and structures your SEO strategy to deliver the most effective results for you.
  • You Can Focus On Your Core Tasks: With SEO outsourced to the specialists, your business has more time and resources available to invest into its core activities, helping you stay ahead of competition and maintain your position in the market.
  • The Outsider Perspective: Sometimes, as a business, we can get trapped within our own narrative, missing out on key components that can be used to help improve our standing and position in the market. As an external agency, the SEO specialists will be able to look at your business from the outside and see more objectively the things that can be used to your advantage and the SEO strategies that are better suited to your business.

Should I Outsource Search Engine Optimization? 

Simply put, SEO is a complex, time-consuming, and an ongoing process that requires exclusive attention and dedicated investment of time and expertise, which you cannot deliver in-house to the extent that an external agency specializing in just this job can. 

What’s more, in your attempt to do this in-house, it is likelier you will spread your resources too thin, which can adversely affect your core competencies, and business performance as a whole.

Outsourcing SEO: Why Choose Us

If you have decided to outsource your SEO, then it is important that you have us on the top of your list of candidates for the job. 

There are several reasons that make us the top choice for this job:

  • Qualified Professionals: With us, you can rest assured you will be working with a team of experienced specialists, which has firsthand experience in the field of digital marketing. Our professionals are highly qualified, passionate individuals, who are more than capable of delivering some of the most effective SEO strategies for even the most complex business scenarios.
  • We Offer Transparency: We know that outsourcing means you feel you have less control and knowledge of exactly how your SEO strategy is being developed and implemented. This is exactly why we endeavor to keep our process as transparent as possible, reporting to you at every possible stage. This way, we ensure you are completely aware of what is going on and if there is any important feedback you can give to improve our approach, then we get it as early as possible.
  • We Keep Up With The Changing Conditions: The SEO industry is a dynamic one. Search engines like Google are constantly evolving, changing their search algorithms regularly, updating their search criteria and what-not. Additionally, new trends and best practices are constantly finding their way into the market and only those businesses will truly benefit from them that are able to adopt them as early and quickly as possible. We as a digital marketing company, make sure to stay on top of all these evolving conditions. Whether it is the changing algorithms, new best practices, or developing trends, we are aware of them and modifying our strategies accordingly. This means that as our client, you will always be among the first to modify and customize your SEO strategy in the face of new circumstances. And that could very well be what sets you apart from your competition.
  • You Are Our Priority: We have the experience and expertise in this industry…but that doesn’t mean we insist we know what to do. Your business, your needs, your goals, and your limitations, are all important pieces of information that we make sure go into shaping the SEO strategy best for you. Our goal is to blend our expertise with your needs and deliver the most effective SEO strategy for you based on that.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: The biggest factor to recommend us for the job is the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews your will find about us online. Our customers will only reiterate what we have promised here: That we deliver quality, customized, and effective SEO strategies that have produced quantifiable positive results for our clients.

So join our ever-growing client list and watch your SEO strategy transform the performance of your digital platform, which will in turn bolster your revenues. Contact us today and let us help you become a force to be reckoned with on the digital platform.