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Building Long-Term Relationships

Digital marketing has become such an important component in successfully running a business during these current times. There are many different aspects to consider when determining how to best navigate through this vast internet landscape, and also take advantage of the millions of consumers that operate within this digital goldmine.

perfect client

Many businesses may do an admirable job of attracting first time customers, but fail to capitalize on the chance to build long-term relationships. This can lead to repeat business with the same customers or a golden chance to expand their customer network through client referrals and recommendations.

One of the most critical factors in building a long-term relationship with a client is to know who they are on a more intimate scale. Knowing your customers on this level can provide a roadmap to determine your client’s needs, goals, and potential pain points to avoid while interacting with them. Having this knowledge is a game changer when it comes to knowing your customer’s true worth and how to optimize your business transactions with them now and in the future.

But with so much ground to cover, many businesses are at a loss as to how to begin this journey. 

Let Lightning Local be your digital marketing GPS service that can lead your business through the forest and into a growing customer base, while maintaining more engaging client relationships.

Perfect Client System - Present State

The journey begins with Lightning Local learning about the intricate details of your organization and conducting an analysis on your current state of affairs when it comes to client engagement. Is your business struggling to attract new clients or maintain relationships with existing customers? Saying yes to either one of these scenarios means there is work that needs to be done to improve your client interactions.

Perfect Client is an innovative system of services designed by Lightning Local to help optimize your client engagement and improve your chances of attracting new customers, while expanding business opportunities within your current client base. The Perfect Client System offered by Lightning Local improves the health of your current state of client engagement.

Customer Database Reactivation

In most instances, there is a higher probability of selling your services to an existing customer than to a new client prospect. But, what many companies fail to do is successfully pursue repeat business from inactive clients. 

Reactivating these past customers can lead to renewed interest in your business. However, bringing these past clients back on board can be a challenge. 

Lightning Local can assist with recalling dead leads or rekindling relationships with inactive customers. We have experience in running campaigns to successfully contact inactive customers, attract renewed interest in your business, and deliver these forgotten clients to your doorstep. 

All you need to do is open the door and convince them to proceed with a call to action. As an added bonus, Lightning Local can offer consultative services to assist your business with closing the deal if needed.

Developing A Perfect Client Avatar

Going to a fitness convention and setting up a table to sell cupcakes and soda will probably not result in a profitable experience. Although this is an extreme example, it highlights the importance of knowing your clients needs, desires, and ultimate goals before attempting to sell them a product or service.

Many businesses overlook the value of getting to know your clients to address their issues and be better equipped to offer them an impactful solution. 

Lightning Local offers a creative service that allows companies to develop a Perfect Client avatar to help determine a businesses ideal customer candidate. 

Some of the questions to help develop your Perfect Client avatar could be as follows:

  • What are your perfect client’s demographics? (Age range, gender, financial and marital status, etc…)
  • Is your perfect client highly engaged on social media and if so, which social media platforms are used the most?
  • What are the largest obstacles that stand in your perfect client’s way of getting the results they want?
  • What are some of the pain points experienced by your perfect client when interacting with other businesses?
  • What is your perfect client’s greatest worry or fear whether now or in the future?
  • What qualities are most important to your perfect client, from a user experience perspective, when engaging with a business?

Having the answer to these questions can help businesses interact with clients on a more personal level and help gain their trust.  This can ultimately make them more receptive to purchasing the product or service being offered by your company. 

Following the basic laws of human nature, if you interact with someone who takes the time to learn about you and your situation, whether it is good or bad, you automatically feel a connection to this individual and would be more willing to engage with them further whether from a social or business perspective. Developing a Perfect Client avatar can give any company a decided advantage over their competition when it comes to attracting and engaging with customers on a more beneficial and profitable level.

Understanding Lifetime Value (LTV)

Lightning Local can assist businesses with determining the LTV of a client relationship. In short, this can help establish an estimate of how much revenue a customer can represent to a business over the life of a customer relationship. This is an important metric for businesses to understand as they try to gauge cost efficiencies of obtaining new clients and supporting them throughout the business relationship.

Knowing how to calculate this customer metric will allow companies to retain profitable clients, increase profits from less valuable customers, and forecast which clients may start to generate sizable profits in the future.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is a digital platform whose power can’t be denied when it comes to the chance at successfully advertising a company’s products or services. There are millions of users that operate within this network, which translates into a large volume of potential customers for a business. 

Consulting with Lightning Local for assistance on social media engagement can provide businesses with a detailed snapshot of their client base, including what social media channels are used most often by their clients. This offers critical insight for businesses to help determine which social media networks would have the greatest impact when attempting to advertise their products. 

For the younger clientele, Instagram and TikTok may be the social media platforms of choice, while Facebook and LinkedIn may be geared towards the older client generation. 

Bottom line is Lightning Local can assist with finding the optimum combination of social media networks to help advertise your business and grow your client base.

Perfect Client System - Future State

Improving the health of your company’s current state of client engagement is extremely important, but neglecting future business opportunities can be detrimental to the survival of any business. 

Here are some services offered by Lightning Local to help improve the outlook for future client engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the extremely high volume of website traffic we experience each and every day, attempting to advertise and shed the spotlight on your brand can be an extreme challenge. There are thousands of businesses calling out for attention and it is important your brand has a reservation near the front of the line. Understanding SEO is a critical component in ensuring your business website is near the top of the pack once search engine results are displayed.

The concept of SEO can be difficult to understand as it pertains to the algorithms used to determine which websites rise to the top of search engine results. 

Lightning Local has the knowledge and experience to assist any business with navigating through this challenging world of SEO and increase the chances that your company website will be at or near the top of any search engine page. This can give your company a decided advantage over your competitors and steer more customers to your business.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that enables organizations to access, customize, and manage their business profile on the Google platform. Neglecting this no cost, no obligation tool can be a huge mistake for any business looking to maximize their advertising efforts.

Here are some of the benefits that a company can capitalize on by using Google My Business.

  • Improved SEO rankings – businesses can include relevant keywords in their business profile to help improve SEO rankings and ultimately increase traffic volume to their website.
  • Customer Analytics – GMB offers informative customer analytics that can help shed light on current or potential customers search habits as they interact with your business profile. This can provide an advantage for any company looking to improve upon attracting customers to their business profile.
  • User Reviews – GMB allows users to provide reviews for your business, which can be the catalyst to draw more customer interest in your products or services. Any favorable reviews are equivalent to having free advertising promotions for your business that can lead to an expansion of your customer base.

There are an assortment of other beneficial options that GMB can provide. Consulting with a Lightning Local representative should be the first step in learning more about what GMB has to offer, but it would be an unfortunate mistake for any company not to take advantage of this free and advantageous Google tool.

Visibility Audits

Visibility Audits are similar to having your home inspected, which can uncover issues you never knew existed. These are issues that may, or may not, be visible in plain sight, but can be dragging down your overall business performance. 

Some of these problems can include minimal traffic to your website, slow sales and conversion rates, or technical issues causing a less than favorable user experience when navigating through your website or trying to connect with your business online. 

Not addressing these issues can mean disaster for any company looking to attract new customers for future business transactions. 

Lightning Local can assist with a Visibility Audit to determine if any, or all, of the previously mentioned issues are holding your business back. This can include identifying gaps in the following:

  • Internal and external linking
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page speed
  • Broken links
  • Load times
  • Page titles
  • Overall sight structure
  • Online reputation
  • Online visibility across channels

In addition, Lightning Local can engineer a website redesign on WordPress to help attract and convert more customers. Any redesign that can enhance your website appearance, improve your SEO rankings, improve the user experience, and draw more visitors, is well worth its weight in gold.

Why Choose Lightning Local?

Surviving in this ultra competitive business climate would be next to impossible without a robust digital marketing strategy. Competition is at an all time high as companies attempt to garner the attention of the millions of users that navigate through this technology behemoth we call the World Wide Web. No matter how great your product truly is, it will mean nothing if you can’t attract customers and have them experience all the wonderful benefits of your products.

Lightning Local is completely aware of this dilemma faced by many businesses and has the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist companies in managing their digital marketing efforts. 

Our representatives at Lightning Local are eager to learn about your business goals and are ready to tailor a digital marketing strategy that will put your company in the driver’s seat, when it comes to growing your client network and maximizing profits.

The Perfect Client System

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