7 Tips For Effective Website Design

When you want a perfect web presence follow these 7 tips for effective website design.

One of the most important forms of online presence these days for any business is a website. A company’s website plays a key role in creating an awareness of its existence among target audiences and is instrumental in developing a strong connection with its loyal customers. This is why an effective website is of the essence. It will directly impact the perception consumers have of your brand and will play a key role in converting visitors into actual customers.

7 Tips For Effective Website Design

While you may have established that an effective website design is worth your time, effort, and financial investment, you might still wonder what factors play the greatest role in helping create an effective website. 

Here, we mention the 7 most popular tips for creating an effective website design, things that our website design team is extremely well-versed in, making us one of the best in the business of website design:

effective web designSimple Layout, Easy Navigation

People are always on a tight timeline which means that when visiting a website for a specific purpose, individuals will find visually overwhelming, complex website layouts off-putting. 

A simple, familiar layout encourages visitors to stay and explore. 

Additionally, it is very important to have consistent website navigation. You want a required piece of information as easy as possible to find so even those with the most limited skills can find the information they are looking for. 

The easier and simpler the visitor experience, the longer they will stay and the more likely they are to become customers of your brand. For this reason, our team of website designers focuses on creating a website that is user-friendly and is as easy to navigate as possible.

Know The Purpose Of The Website

To have a website deliver effective results, you need to first know what purpose it is being designed to serve. Is it to get people to contact you for a service? Do you intend to sell a product? Do you want people to create a user account with you? A clear purpose will ensure that every page of the website and all its content is designed to meet that purpose. 

And, the more targeted the content and design, the more effective the website will prove to be in delivering the required results. 

One of the first things our team does when we take on a website design project is to communicate with the client and delve deep into what exactly the purpose of the website is and how to best go about delivering on that end.

Clutter-Free, Impactful Homepage

A homepage needs to make a powerful impression without overwhelming the visitor. It is often the first impression people have of your business. 

With visitors tending to skim through the homepage, it is important to design a homepage that has a powerful emotional appeal. Some important factors we keep in mind when designing a home page include:

  • to make the most important information available above the fold so people don’t even need to scroll down to know what you are about
  • to space out the information properly to create the maximum visual impact
  • to use powerful, quality visual images. A picture is worth a thousand words after all
  • based on the purpose of your website, to include the relevant call-to-action option right here bold and clear as you please

Load Speed Optimization

If your website does not load in a few short seconds, you will have very few visitors. It is that simple. 

There is considerable research backing the fact that site speed is directly linked to visitors, customer conversions, and revenue. It is, therefore, of the essence that your website is designed to load in mere seconds no matter what digital platform is being used. We target key factors such as image sizes to minimize load time and carry out all manner of speed tests to check what factors can be further worked on to improve the load speed of the website.

Consistent Presentation

To deliver a positive website experience, it is important to create a cohesive feel for your website. 

One way to create that sense of cohesion and ensure it is not visually jarring to visit your website is to work on consistency across the pages. This involves font size, style, colors, image styles, and the like. Keeping such factors consistent across the website will help deliver a visually pleasing experience, encouraging visitors to stay for longer. 

Understanding the value of consistency, our Lightning Local team makes consistency one of its top priorities while designing a website.

Easy On The Eyes

Readability is a huge factor that businesses tend to overlook. 

You might think that it is a no-brainer that the text should be readable. However, mistakes are often made such as”

  • using a font size that is one too small for easy reading
  • putting text on top of images in a way so that the words can’t be read at all
  • not using appropriate spacing between different pieces of information, creating visual chaos
  • choosing a font color that makes the writing difficult or impossible to read. 

Our team understands how much a positive visual experience translates to a successful consumer experience, which is why take care to choose just the right size, color, and style of font while ensuring every piece of key information is given its required visual space to make the desired impact on the reader. We check and re-check to ensure that there isn’t a single word on the website that readers cannot comfortably read.

Mobile-Friendly Design

When it comes to digital devices being accessed the most, mobile phones are it. This is exactly why an effective website design will be one that is mobile-friendly. 

A mobile-accessible website will give your business a number of benefits: 

  • you are likely to be ranked better in Google search rankings
  • more customers will be accessing your website; 
  • by being available via a quality website across different digital devices, you will develop credibility in the market
  • having a mobile-compatible website is fast becoming a standard best practice, which means your target market pretty much will be expecting it of you…and you don’t want to disappoint them! 

At Lightning Local, it is a given with our website design that we keep mobile compatibility in mind at all times.

Why Choose us for Effective Web Design?

While these are 7 of the most important tips in helping create an effective website design, there are many other factors that can help add to the quality of your website design…and we at Lightning Local can proudly claim to know them all. And we make it our top priority to use every bit of our knowledge and expertise to design a website that is a true reflection of your business and that serves to deliver on what you expect of it.