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Digital marketing is a critical tool in today's world to ensure that your business maintains a competitive edge.  It is imperative that companies ensure that consumers can locate them online. Digital marketing is used to advertise your business and ensure you have access to the customers you desire. 

It is estimated that the average global user spends 2 hours and 21 minutes on social media alone. Additional countless hours are spent on the internet.

Digital marketing can be used to access your most important customers and find the specific platforms your target prospects are spending their time. Once you figure that out, take your business there and get seen. 

This is why Lightning Local is here in Beverly Hills to help you with the best digital marketing strategies.

Our experts are trained in internet marketing techniques and services. We can build an internet marketing strategy that will serve your business at all times and reach your customers on whatever digital platform they use.


What We Offer

We offer the following specific services to our customers. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO optimization primarily involves improving your website to increase its visibility. If your business has excellent visibility on the internet, it will garner massive attention and attract many customers to your business.

SEO is a very fundamental part of digital marketing. Greater visibility and ensuring that your business ranks higher on the search results will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Web Design

Your website is the first contact that customers have with your brand. Thus it is imperative to create a friendly and competitive site that stands out from your competitors.

A competitive web design strategy helps tie together different digital marketing components and helps elevate the user experience. Ensure you hire a reputable digital marketing agency to design an appealing and competitive site.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing uses tools such as emails, blog articles, and social media posts to reach new and existing customers. Since most businesses and consumers are turning to online channels to sell and buy products, it is paramount to ensure that you are competitive and outstanding in the market.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves advertising your company or products using various internet tools. It can also aim at boosting sales, generating leads, and driving traffic to your website. Your business will utilize multiple digital channels to pass promotional messages to your potential and current customers.

Lightning Local - Perfect Client Acquisition System

Building Your Perfect Business - One Perfect Client at a Time

Building Long-Term Relationships

Some businesses work hard to attract a customer, but fall short in the attempt to build long-term relationships.

At Lightning Local we strive to build long-term relationships for our clients by getting to know them on an intimate level.  Possessing this knowledge is a game changer when it comes to knowing your customer’s true worth and how to optimize your business relationship long into the future.

Lightning Local uses the Perfect Client Acquisition System to help you optimize your client engagement and improve your chances of attracting new customers, while expanding business opportunities within your current client base. 

Let Lightning Local be your digital marketing service provider. With a focus on the customer and search engine optimization, social media advertising and content development you can expect to see your business grow by leaps and bounds!

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The world relies on digital  and your company should be in the thick of this digital tidal wave. We use cutting edge digital marketing to help you dominate your industry on search engines and the digital marketplace.

Our Clients

We offer the following specific services to our customers. 

Great firm to work with! Anthony is very organized and easily provided value beyond what was expected.

John Appleson

Anthony brought a very high level of expertise to a project which was beginning to stall. He was able to quickly provide the expert level review and consultation we needed to keep things on track. I would be grateful to work with him again.

Andy Stewart

Highly recommend this business for your digital marketing needs.

J.D. Adams

Anthony and the team at Lightning Local exceeded our expectations and delivered amazing ROI for our marketing spend. A true partner and asset to the Beverly Hills business community.

D. Perez Founder of OMEGA International Group Inc.

Fantastic business that can provide all your digital marketing needs! Business is taking care of all my marketing and letting me focus on delivering my service!

Muhammad Subhan Ali

Speedy response, great to work with. Warm leads and ready to close. Definitely recommend.

Frances Marie Flores

Anthony is very knowledgeable about marketing strategy and client acquisition. His main focus is on getting results for the customer, not a bunch of hype about how great he is. Highly recommended.

Nate Marino

Great service, from an even greater marketing agency. Got us hot leads very quickly. Thanks for all your help.

Ellen Kirwan

Lightning Local came along just in time. Our business was slowing down and we couldn't find new clients. We knew something needed to be done, but wasn't quite sure what to do. Our initial call reinforced that! Anthony found the perfect solution, a one stop shop. From advertising all the way to automating our results so we could methodically reach out to prospects. The results were immediate. We want to thank Lightning Local for putting us on the path of success!

Lisa Whitney Smith

Anthony and the Lightning Local team have levelled the playing field with their marketing prowess. Our small business is now punching well above its weight and getting results we didn't realize were possible. A pleasure to work with. You want marketing results? Get in touch ASAP!

Adam Stone

The Lightning Local team knew exactly what marketing strategy to use to increase traffic to our website, get the site ranked in Google, and their knowledge of Facebook ads, and PPC is extraordinary. Thank you for all your help.

Fernando Ollivier

Lightning Local’s team knows how to get results. True marketing experts!

Zakary Frank

Definitely, recommend this company for all your marketing solutions.

Melissa Kouzoukas


    Learn More About the Services Offered by Lightning Local, your Beverly Hills Digital Marketing Agency.

    Digital marketing is a cost-effective method of reaching your customers. It enables you to generate leads, boost sales, and drive traffic to your business. Virtual marketing gives you a way of interacting with your customers and learning what they want in their products.

    You can also track feedback from your customers, which allows you to make changes to your products. Remember that we are in a digital era, and all your customers are online and virtual marketing approach that gives you global contact with them personally.

    SEO involves taking comprehensive steps to ensure that your products or websites rank higher on various search engines. It involves organic ranking, and you will not be required to pay for your website to rank higher.

    They are two essential things that you should know about SEO: off-page SEO and on-page SEO. On-page SEO is a comprehensive method of ensuring that your website ranks higher and drives more traffic. It primarily involves incorporating the right keywords, uploading high-quality content, and using keywords to improve your ranking.

    On the other hand, off-page SEO involves things that happen outside your website. It will include the incorporation of backlinks. It requires you to build a good relationship with other websites to ensure you use their website as backlinks.

    A perfect website can fulfill some essential elements in digital marketing. The top 6 most valuable elements that your business website must meet include:

    • Lead generation
    • User experience
    • High-quality content
    • Search engine optimization
    • Website copy
    • Appearance

    GMB refers to Google My Business, and it is a listing that is quite integral for digital businesses. If you have a good profile, you can reach multiple customers, create brand awareness, and increase leads to your business. This tool enables you to list your brand location on local search results and Google Maps.

    We are a reputable digital marketing agency that is quite innovative in creating the best marketing strategies for your business. We have adopted innovative tools to ensure your business stands out from the rest in the market. We understand the current market trends, and our primary goal is to ensure that your brand is at a competitive edge.  

    Lightning Local is here in East Los Angeles to help you with your internet marketing needs. We have our experts ready to get the work done for you. So, if you’re looking for the best services then contact us now. We will get the job done for you at all times.  coast